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Minimum Wage Law — Steven J . Silverberg Attorney at Law in Washington, DC
When workplace injustice occurs, let me put my vast experience and knowledge of discrimination and employment law to work for you. I have represented employees in both the public and private sectors successfully, and I am ready to fight for you.

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Attorney Desk — Steven J. Silverberg Attorney at Law in Washington, DC
Finding the right Washington, DC, employment litigation attorney to protect your legal rights is simple. Just contact me, Steven J. Silverberg, at (202) 785-8499 to discuss the injustice and determine the appropriate course of action.
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I, Steven J. Silverberg, am one of the Washington, DC, area's most trusted and well-known employment litigation attorney. Contact my law firm by phone, mail, or e-mail when you have a potential case or legal matter. I will go over your case and diligently fight for your legal rights.
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